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Property Management

The company manages and monitors real estate, whether it is real estate owned by companies, bodies, individuals or charities, as all management, follow-up, maintenance and development operations required by these properties are provided, while providing the highest return on investment for the owner.

What we do ?

  • • Real estate management through leasing and work to reduce the vacancies of units within the property.
    • Conclusion of contracts with new tenants, and follow-up renewal of existing contracts with tenants.
    • Continuous collection of rents in accordance with the regulations and policies guaranteed by law.
    • Depositing the monthly amounts on a specified day of each month in the customer's account.
    • Attention to tenants by receiving complaints and finding solutions quickly.
    • Evaluation of the units and equipping them in terms of capabilities at the end of the term of each lease contract in an acceptable manner.
    • Continuous visits by officials in managing the property of others and following up on the work and performance of the guards on a regular basis.
    • Studying the optimal utilization of real estate space in a way that does not violate the law in order to increase revenues.
    • Following up on real estate expenditures such as electricity, water and others, and analyzing them accurately to reduce them in a way that does not affect the quality of service.
    • Follow-up cases "if any" on the property or file them against defaulters on behalf of the owner.
    • Provide the owner with periodic reports showing the leased and vacant units, rents received, rents under collection, and real estate expenses.
    • Providing maintenance contract services for businesses (elevators - air conditioning - firefighting - sanitary - electricity - guarding - security, etc..).

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