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Real estate project management

Do you have a project and are you looking for the best management for it?

The success of your project depends primarily on good and effective management of it, and the company manages real estate projects for various activities according to the following:

  • Good planning for projects and formulating programs for their implementation, explaining the implementation stages, completion rates and time periods required for the completion of the project.

  • Selection of experienced consulting offices and the best designs for the project, according to the desire of the owner.

  • Field follow-up and supervision of all projects and preparation of reports.

  • Qualifying contractors, issuing tenders and studying bids to select the best offers in coordination with the engineering office, submitting recommendations to the owner and preparing agreement contracts.

  • Follow up the approval of projects and the awarding of works in meetings with contractors, consulting offices and with the parties responsible for the implementation of the works.

  • Study and audit payments to contractors and the consulting office according to the contracts concluded.

  • Submitting periodic reports to the owner, including the activities, completion rates, and financial status of the project.​

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